Saturday, 17 May 2008

sweet bread

finally got round to making a sweet version of the beer bread (and to putting up another blog post), I didn't really measure amounts so no exact measurements available, but it came out yummy.
Banana, Date and Walnut Bread

roughly 1 lb Bread flour (half and half strong white & Spelt)

1 sachet dried yeast

1 bottle pear cider (500 ml)

enough water to make a soft dough

4 small bananas chopped to half inch cubes

20 or so stoned chopped dates

same volume of chopped walnuts

pinch of salt

dessert spoon of sugar

a fair bit of cinnamon

all spice

switch the oven on to heat (Bake at 400 F 200C Gas Mark 6)

oil a baking tray

mix all the dry ingredients

add the cider and enough water to make a soft dough

leave to rise till oven is hot

make a roundish shape on baking tray

cook for approximately 45 minutes. test with a toothpick,
ready when it comes out clean.

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