Sunday, 18 May 2008

fold-up bed part 2

The ply wood box that the bed frame fits inside is made from 3/4'' ply.

Cut two sides pieces 42 cm x 202cm

one lid 44cm x 152cm (the lid is deeper than the sides or base so it covers the
the back braces as well)
one base 42cm x 148.6cm

The lid sits on top of the two sides, the base fits inside the two sides, thats why they are different lengths.

Two back braces 152 cms long x however wide you like (mine are 26cm on the bottom and 16 cms on top) They screw to the back of the box to hold it square and attach it to the wall.

I also cut two pieces 42cms x 50cms to fit inside the bottom part of my box screwed to ouside pieces to reinforce the part that holds the mechanism and bring it flush with the bed base itself.

You could equally well fit 2'' x 1'' to do this job. I probably would if I was starting from scratch.

The top of the bottom back brace fits level with the top of this reinforcing piece (52cms from the floor). when the bed is down this is level with the top of the bed-frame.

Drill and countersink clearance holes in the back braces. If you are attaching the bed to a solid wall it doesn't really matter where these holes are, just drill and rawl plug to the wall.

If you are attaching to a stud wall, you'll need to find the studs and drill the holes to attach to these.

Here is a picture that shows the top back brace of my plywood box attached to the wall.

The baton attached to the roof of the bed stops it tilting beyond vertical. The dowelling bar attached below that is for hanging up your duvet when you put the bed away. The picture also shows the windows I cut in the sides. They let a bit of light in. I used to have shelves outside the bed that you could get at through the windows. these are optional extras.

The next stage is fitting the bed base inside the frame. and drilling the hole for the hinge bolt, but I think I'll save that for another post, because writing this is turning out to be harder than making the bed in the first place was.

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