Thursday, 29 November 2007

Tri-cornered Leek

The tri-cornered leek is back in flower and its my second plant profile. It blooms all winter and spring, before dying back completely for the summer months. Its got a pleasant oniony flavour, so the flowers and leaves are a great addition to salads. The leaves go into stirfries etc as well. I use the bulbs as well in stews and as a crunchy add in to my no knead onion bread.
Its a bit of a thug and needs regular pulling to keep in check but it keeps the soil covered in winter and pulls up quite easily once its died back. There ate always enough bulbs missed in the pulling up to recover the ground without replanting.

Friday, 16 November 2007

mini-roof garden

The tiny garden on the shed roof is filling our nicely and unaffected by the couple of hard frosts we've had lately. It's a tiny oasis of calm, while the inside of the house has degenerated into total chaos.

I've been trying to swap Mike's bedroom and the office over, and simultaneously decorate both rooms and the mess has taken over the whole house. I've no "spare room" to put furniture and
shelves I've taken down in so it's migrated into all the other living space. I'm exhausted and cranky and having to climb over things to even get to the loo. At least the painting in one room is finished, but I don't think all the stuff that's come out will fit back in.
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