Saturday, 24 April 2010

banana beer bread

1 x ganary bread mix
1 x white bread mix
2 desert spoons cinnamon
3 bananas
80g pecan nuts
1 dozen fresh dates
50g sugar
generous squirt of maple syrup
1 bottle pear cider
water to suit

heat the oven to gas mark 6 and oil a couple of loose bottomed cake tins
mix the dry ingredients, chop the dates bananas and pecans and add.
mix in the pear cider and enough water to make a runny dough.

pour 1/2 the mixture into the tins, pour on a swirl of maple syrup, then add the rest of the mixture and bake till the bottom sounds hollow (45 mins approx). if the bottom and sides need to brown a little turn the cakes upside down on the loose bottoms and give them a little longer- this isn;t an exact science. Tastes yummy.
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