Friday, 29 May 2009

table top

I finally finished mosaicing the top of my potting bench/ table.
and finished tiling the bathroom, but not finished grouting.

this sedum

This sedum is the one I'm using to try to outcompete the couch grass.

Friday, 22 May 2009

No photos

I haven't been adding photo's recently -- my phone, which was also my camera died.

The new phone has a camera- I just don't like it as much, just not used to it i suppose and so I haven't used it as much. I will try to get some photo's taken and some updates written.

Wednesday, 13 May 2009

Quick Update

Potato Barrel

is now full to the brim, have got another barrel to extend it a bit.

Poor Germination

May not be the only culprit - found a huge slug nestled in among the pots.

Hawthorn flowers

Fully opened in the lane by the 4th (almost 3 weeks later thatn the previous year)

Blackfly on Broadbeans

It might be the advantage of a really exposed windy site-- or I was a bit harsh on the mint deterrent---but the black fly have gone.

Saturday, 2 May 2009

Happy Beltane

The may blossom is not yet on my local trees so (exceptionally late for them, in spite of the very warm weather) not really proper beltane yet.

Germination rates for my sweetcorn really disappointing (about 6 out of 30). In fact germination rates on all my stuff seem poor. apart from the broad beans, which germinated well but now have blackfly. . The mint does not seem to have deterred them and the nasturtiums (sacrificial) went in too late. They're very wee still to pinch out the tops. will try soft soap. Next year also try poached egg plant and summer savoury with them.

it's all a bit depressing. The broad beans (only 6 of them) in the garden still seem fine. ?.

Can't get the ground prepared quick enough either.
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