Wednesday, 25 March 2009

Surprise finds - country wines

Spring cleaning shake-up lead to clearing out the under the stairs cupboard. Among the finds were some bottles of wine that were put away when our kitchen was being refitted. One is some sort of ginger and parsnip concoction - which smells a little like wocester sauce, and might taste like a dry sherry, if only it didn't smell of wocester sauce. Anyway, its destined to be a cooking wine. I think it would go well in Chinese Style Stirfries.
Any way tonight I've discovered one that is very sweet and lightly fizzy. It's got a good body and a very clean taste with just a hint of muscadet to the nose. The only thing I can think it is is a primrose I made in 2002. That's about right for the other bottles I've found. I somehow don't think that the 2002 elderflower is going to taste this good

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