Tuesday, 3 March 2009

obrredim? and the learning curve

Started looking up varieties of seed potato last night (see other post) and digressed into looking up fruiting hedges and I realised that I'm doing a huge amount of "research" . Hence I suggest that obredim needs another R. I've also gone back to edit this post to add in time as a boundary for the allotment plan.

Allotment rules about keeping weeds under control and a certain percentage "in active cultivation" mean I don't have the luxury of spending a year in the planning of my plot.
This learning curve is very steep. and so is the hill up t'allotment. the calves of my legs are killing me


Mattzappa said...

I had an uphill allotment a few years ago which was next to some uncultivated plots, it was hard work keeping the weeds at bay. Nice crops and I was both physically and mentally healthier. I let things slide and gave it up, big mistake.

degz said...

I'm hoping getting fitter and healthier will be a nice side effect, but think it might be a bet more painful than I'd like to start with.

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