Sunday, 8 July 2007

Some views of my garden

Here's one view of my garden. The deck cantilevers out over the pond a bit. The pond is roughly 1m x 1m and also 1m deep at its deepest point, and home to frogs and newts. The purple loosestrife in the foreground is one of my favourite plants and a bee magnet

This one gives an idea of the scale of the whole garden. It's not as tidy as it could be, but shows some of the practical bits like the water butt and compost heap. There's rhubarb, raspberries, gooseberries and thornless blackberries down in that far corner.

The bottle beds on the right hand side are my main veg growing area. The metal frames are for my beans, peas, sweet peas etc. Only one of my bean plants and the sweet peas have survived the slugs so far. Not my most successful year ever. the surviving bean plant is painted lady, which has done really well here in other years.

This shows my toolshed with its mini living roof. Even though there's only about 3 inches of soil up there the sedums, strawberries and pansies seem to be thriving.
I forgot to install a bit of soaker hose while I was planting it up. In dry spells I give it a can of water every day or so. I did include water retaining granules and quite a bit of perlite in the planting mix. The bottom one of the two "window boxes" did contain lettuce and spring onions before I went away.

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