Sunday, 19 July 2009


Ages ago, I talked a bit about "changing prevailing use patterns". The two photos above are the method I tried... and it's fairly successful. Blocking and screening the route off, so that using the step to get off the deck is the easy option has fairly well worked. Once you've gone that far then using the steps is the most likely way down, to where the compost heap is now.
Next photo is my proto-hydroponics system- started initially as a way to keep things alive while I was on holiday- it's going quiet well. The tomato (not shown in the photo) is growing one large fruit, the chives are going strong. The watercress is doing less well than expected and the lettuce are keeping up with their soil grown companions, though they started off doing better.
I haven't got round to fitting an airstone yet, I have been lifting the plants out and whisking the water vigourously with a balloon whisk. They haven't had much feeding either.

Here are the seedlings I've yet to plant out.

I got 2 and a half kilos of shelled broad beans from the plants at the allotment. Shelled them, blanched them, froze them. A week later the freezer went down in a lightning storm. It wasn't discovered till everything had turned to mush.

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