Sunday, 28 June 2009

allotment update

got back from holiday on Wednesday evening. Thursday was given over to unpacking and resting up. Got up to the allotment on Friday. The weather has been very dry so the weeds haven't gotten too out of control. Spent 4 hours weeding, lawn mowing and watering.
Graham on the next plot gave me some lettuces (enough for a weekend of salads) which was nice as mine have all bolted.

2 rows of my potatoes were looking sad and yellowish, but the next day they looked much recovered after copious watering. Also watered the allotment broadbeans. The pods are well formed but need to fill out a bit more.

The broadbeans in the garden are well above waist height and ready to pick. Will be making my favourite broad bean paté in the next few days, with the fresh garlic I harvested just before going away. Have also been eating raspberries (from home and graham's windbreak) strawberries, wild strawberries (from the lane), white and black currants (just a handful of each, but yummy), and gooseberries, (from the faithful old bush in the garden).

Isn't summer brilliant.

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